Saturday, July 26, 2008

Poppy ! And hmmph, I wonder.

Well, I've been skipping the past few days. Hmmph, or I would rather say, yesterday? Nothing much has happened recently, except for a few happening friendly matches and of course, the sms'es. Somehow, I've learned bit by bit, that she's someone different, pretty different. Like I usually would say, everyone's unique, and everyone's good at something. Screwing your studies, blundering your papers... They're normal stuff. Everybody does that, of course, in your mind, there are those people who's never missed an A, and there are lots of people who passed with flying colours. What can I say? Life's unfair? Nah, those people, are idiots. Not that I wanna prejudice against the "so-called-smarter class" of people, but really, these people, has no life. Well not all of course, just in case any of you who read this felt guilty as charged... But I'm sure, you would bring forward your point in your argument. Right or wrong, what I mention here may not be true, or it may be true to a certain extent, but who knows except you, yourself. Who else can be cleared about yourself other than you? Of course, except Him.

Tonight, I was quite surprised myself. Loads of surprise. Firstly, her. Hmmph, to compliment her, she looks good, better than her in pictures :p. There's something to that smile, not to be quoted from batman. I don't know what to say about it anymore. Its..... Special. She's chirpy as usual, but of course, she's different from the first time I saw her after that night. Heh, maybe I haven't been paying attention enough in the car, or either, I was carried away by the little fear that chilled through my spine, or rather, nerves. Well, to start with, I'm supposed to "get punished" with drinks. But then, hmmmph, she dropped before I realised. Well, 3 glasses dear. If you ever wondered how much you drank tonight. Even Kenneth was quite surprised. Of course, its the first time we clubbed... She was pretty energitic, she danced throughout the night, and I must say I'm impressed by the stamina. Whatever happens in the club, stays in the club. Hush dan, hush. But, its the smile. I can't deny that. I think I'm starting to sound like Joker. =.=

Right, we all did the same thing again. I don't think she'll realise, but lol, we left her in the car for supper. It happened once, and it seems like history repeated itself tonight. You would probably kill me for this but, heh. I don't know :p. It's been a tiring night trying to keep up with her, catch up with friends, picking up the tune, flowing with the music. I'd hope things would carry on for the better, or rather, move forward? I don't know what are the proper words to describe what I meant, but well, I think I should understand. Good night.

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