Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Of Girls, hurt and emoness.

Well, I fetched this girl home the other day. She was a cool girl. She talks alot, and I think I kinda like her personality and attitude. Hmmph, I think I didn't judge her wrong, she seems like the girl I thought she would be, but a little more. This wonderful, chirpy girl has somewhat captured my heart in some way, that I couldn't resist messaging her right after I dropped her to pick up her car. Her name was Yi Jing. Well, its never wrong to make another good friend, and like she said, we clicked well together like bffs. Ah, a new term that I've learned recently lol. Best Friends Forever. Heh. She's a nice girl, and I really look forward to clubbing with her. I wonder what she'll be like. She looks pretty playful to me, and I hope I'm not being proven wrong.

Quite alot of stuff happened this weekend. I clubbed on saturday night at cocobanana with the usual bunch again. Haha, for the first time, this club, is infested with 'bak kut teh' and 'seafood'. My gawd. First there's this bunch of idiots who're making a fools of themselves.

You know, Veen, I really think its about time for you to settle down and appreciate him. Be less playful. Eventhough I think that you wouldn't listen to this or anything like it but... I don't know. Hmmph. Well its really up to you to decide your own life. I saw your pictures with him and your vacation. Sometimes I think, that I'm neutral with you, that I don't have feelings anymore, but things are tough to get away with after being together for so long. I might seem normal infront of you, but sometimes, I do get jealous and abit hurt looking at your pictures. But of course, I know I have to stay strong and pull myself through this. Anyway, I do hope that you both will work things out, and all the best. You may not read this, you may. Who knows?

Then today I went out with Steph and Amy. Ahhh... LoL, nowhere weird, just grocery shopping and dinner. I found out that, this clubbing queen, is also junk food queen. I wonder how she keeps a body of that shape with the amount of chocs, sweets and junks. Haha, but then, listening to her talk about the other two guys that they met in clubs last friday, I now think that... Guys at this age are pretty immatured. Hmmph. Chinese school guys, english school guys, they differ in thoughts, maturity and even their perceptions. It doesn't only apply to guys, even girls. Its obvious, on how to differentiate a chinese educated person from an english educated soul. Back to Amy, she was complaining about these two guys who were annoying here, as they talk a little too much. Hmmmph, I do know about such things, even though this is the first time I see people who talk too much, and they don't even think before they talk.

I got quite taken aback, rather than pissed off when these guys said to me: Its not that I don't trust you, its just that these are normal procedures. Hello babies? What are you talking about? Normal procedures? You don't even know who am I, and they barely even know you. Well, I guess I can keep my patience for such things.

Pretty tired lately. Stressed up with statistics... Proposal, Presentation. What else are they gonna throw to us? I wonder. Screw B-pharm. Screwww B-pharm but oh well, I'm in sem 7, and there's only a year left. Wish me all the best.