Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Zombie weekend, and another beginning.

Hmmph, it has been long since I last came back to you dear bloggie. That sounds gay, but lol. Where'd I last stopped? Friday? I woke up the next morning on Saturday, and it was shitty. I barely slept 4 hours. I don't even know why. The insomniac crisis has striked again. Damn. But oh well, I did spend half the day gaming, trying out non-sensical stuff, just for the fun of it. Then at night, Jimmy called. My bloody phone gave up on me halfway, but anyway, we did manage to reach Poppy that night. Of course, we were, freaking late. I think we reached the place at like 1.20 am. Damn. Opened a bottle, and guess who we have there with us? Krazy! Er, rather, Pei Li. This is the first time we ever clubbed with her, and hmmmph, Adrian himself was pretty surprised about it. Hee. Well, this is something everyone should learn. Never believe a girl, when she says that she cannot dance. Well, Pei Li is one hell of a dancer, and of course, we all had fun, especially Kyle. I would spare the details. :P

Rawrrr... At the same time, I met alot of people in Poppy and Passion that night. Kelly, you are one pretty girl. I do really think that you're a beatiful girl, with a nice personality, but of course, you're sharp at words, and you always make me think twice before I try to say something that may be sensitive. I maybe extra cautious, but I don't wanna risk my friendship. Then there was Kenneth, Redd and my classmates. Heh. Typical of Redd, but I am quite surprised to meet them there. But of course, its good.

We had Boon sent back to his car in Silva, and then, we came back to Sri Petaling. Errrr, okay, we all screwed up. Went to Point Ex, and we sat there till the next morning. Of course, my housemate called, cos I was supposed to move that morning. We did rush home, and my friends helped me move. Thanks alot for you people's help and efforts, Kyle, Alex and Pei Li. I do really appreciate them. When we're done, everyone went home, and came out straight away. Gawd, for the very first time, I tried Cendol in KL, and guess what. It tastes freaking good. The cendol infront of IMU, heh. I think I'm hooked to it. Then we were back in Point Ex, omfg.

But then, I had a call from a girl. She was crying over the phone, and she asked if I wanna drink with her. I was pretty surprised. This is the first time she has done such thing. Well, of course, I said okay. Pretty concerned about her. Then, she told me that she got into an accident. High speed accident, and she told me that her car landed on the divider. When I met her infront of vista, tears were streaming down her cheeks, and she's pretty upset and disappointed about things. But oh well, after a bottle of beer, she seems to be pretty stable and fine.

I went to play pool with friends on Monday, and all of a sudden I got myself a message that's asking me for a drink. Well, it was her. But I was in Subang, and I couldn't come back that quick, so she went with someone else, and I wonder who. We did finish the games, picked up Jo, and I think Jo was pretty mad at me for not calling her to game. Heh. Sorry girl. Tuesday was just another typical day at the cyber. =.=

Wednesday! Today is an unexpected day. :P Well I know that we're gonna have dinner with Amy Kok and the rest, as they're celebrating her birthday for her. Well, I didn't know Jing was invited, and vice versa. We had Japanese food at the Gardens, at some Japanese restaurant which I don't even remember what its name is. Er, I'm bad at names. Can't help :P. Then they went shopping, which I can't really say I'm interested in, but of course, I do enjoy looking at those stuff. And guess what, they even use bamboo powder to smoothen your skin. Surprised? lol. I think I should start walking around the mall more often. And of course, the ladies, heh, itchy clubbers. They were planning on going Maison, and of course, we did.

A lot of things happened in the club tonight, but whatever that happens should stay in the club. Jing, thank you alot... For everything that you've done for me, for us, and for yourself. I do really feel blessed to have you around, and I really appreciate all those small little things. And of course, the wallet you bought. Its lovely. Thank you darling. There is something that has been pondering in my head for quite some time, but I never find the right time to ask you about it. I mean, I had lots of opportunity to do that, but I wasn't ready for the risk. Lemme know when you're ready to listen to it. =/

Well, we'll see what happens the next few days. Good Night.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Beautiful yet, not so beautiful.

It hasn't been a good week, or at least that what I was thinking for the first few days into the week. First, I lost my wallet, and EVERYTHING IN IT. EVERY SINGLE THING. IC, license, student ID, loads of cash, and all my cards. I had my IC fixed on Wednesday I think, and now, I've got a temporary one, lol. Together with my license. I've tried going to the bank, but the bank staff wouldn't allow me to get a new ATM card, so they argued. I don't have enough personal documents to support my applications. Damn. =.=

Then, I went to Coco on Thursday, to catch a glimpse of Pussy Cat Dolls, PCD. Guess what? She's O M F G. N I C O L E S C H E R Z I N G E R is damn freaking hot. =.= Well, of course, its for publisiti and such, damn, they only appeared for like 10 mins? Lol. But who cares? We've got free entrance, with free-flow of liqour. :P The night wasn't that good after all, but yeah, I've had fun, and a bit of satisfaction.

I was in Zouk tonight. I mean, I've got a not-so-nice-impression of Zouk even before I came here. Surprisingly, the bouncers let me in. Wow, yes, I'm under 21, but they must have been pretty impressed with that piece of junk I showed them, my temporary IC, and license. Gawd, try flashing something the size of half an A4 Paper. =.= Zouk, doesn't live up to my expectation. Seriously. The crowd was filled with middle-eastern souls, and Malay kids. Those middle-eastern people, I don't know how to say it, but they seem not to see chiques before. =/ They get all pretty fired up and such when they see some girls on the dance floor, and that sucked. Seriously.

Jing, I know you've been trying to stay sober tonight, but that ain't gonna work :P I know you, maybe not well enough to presume your next move, but I'm sure you would get pretty tipsy tonight. You don't drink much anyway :P . You were more sober and awake tonight, compared to last Saturday in Poppy. Of course, your smile, and those dances, did really capture my heart. But then, I'm still doubting, and the doubt, haven't been cleared. There are things which I don't really understand, but I guess it wouldn't be appropriate to ask you. Hmmph, I wonder if I should just leave it to myself to have those questions answered, or are you gonna ask me about it? I don't know. All I know is that, I should be ready to answer myself by then. Huh. I wonder if that particular day, is coming soon.

Well, Kelly, you've changed a lot I think, since the first time we've met here in KL. Hmmph, either that or, I didn't get to know you properly the first time. Heh.... I remembered you being taller, despite the fact that you argued about it with me. But you seem to be different now. :P You told me that you don't dance, but you seem to be pretty good tonight. Well, I did have a good time with you ladies tonight, and I do hope to get my date claims soon. I'm pretty sure that you'll be surprised if you happen to find out that I actually do blog, but heh, I'll leave things to flow their way.

Darn, I've gotta move my house tomoro =.= There are lots and lots and lots of things to move, and I hope that things will go smoothly. Hopefully everything'll be allright, and hopefully some people are gonna turn up to help me with this. Well, I'm pretty sleepy of course, so I guess this is good night. =) Sleep tight ladies and all the souls in the world. :P