Saturday, July 19, 2008

ICCG and When things don't come off.

Hmmph, lots of stuff have been happening lately, that I didn't really have the time to blog. First there was clubbing on thursday night, which we practically did nothing but drink, dance and stone. lol. VSOP is strong. Only one bottle that night, and the 4 of us were suffering. 2 of us were drunk. But well, it was a good night. We all had fun, and of course, that's what we're there for.

Then, I had to do presentation for my research proposal on friday. Damn, it was one hell. I don't really know what happened during the presentation, but for once, I think I presented quite well. Well, the sense of humour. I guess.. Heh. But then, I practically couldn't answer any of the questions that were forwarded to me. Damn, what's with IMU lecturers... They think like 300 miles ahead. But then, getting fired... I think everyone's gonna be numb with it after a few times of such bombardments.

Tonight... Arrrr. Sad Saturday. HMMMPH... ICCG rocks. We played like 5 matches and gawd, I was playing Lich for 5 games. Damn. The first few games were easy, we cruised thru and such, bullying our opponents. BUt the last game, the finals against, was ugly lol. We got wrapped and sent home like hot nasi lemaks. Darn, who cares. I won 160 bucks. lol.

And then I settled down on my bed, hugged my laptop, and started talking to this girl. Damn, sometimes, I really think, I have all my attention drawn to her. She's nice to talk to, like she claims, sweet, chirpy, cheerful, playful, naughty. I don't know how accurate these adjectives are, but angelic is definitely inaccurate. :p. I know you would read this someday, and grin over this. Then, she told me about her princinples, which in the beginning got me a little shocked, but I think I can accept what she thinks, even though I still think that it isn't really that decent, but oh well, this argument is never gonna end.

I know that she's really looking forward to this coming Saturday's visit to poppy. So am I. BUt hmmph, after what she's told me, I do worry a little. She tells me that she trusts me, and I'm glad that she does. Well I guess I've gotta thank Steph for all those good testimonials she's given me. :p I wonder what's gonna happen next? Well, the future is not to be predicted, but Lord, I leave everything in your hands, and I hope that you'll lead me on. Nitez.

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