Friday, August 1, 2008

Beautiful yet, not so beautiful.

It hasn't been a good week, or at least that what I was thinking for the first few days into the week. First, I lost my wallet, and EVERYTHING IN IT. EVERY SINGLE THING. IC, license, student ID, loads of cash, and all my cards. I had my IC fixed on Wednesday I think, and now, I've got a temporary one, lol. Together with my license. I've tried going to the bank, but the bank staff wouldn't allow me to get a new ATM card, so they argued. I don't have enough personal documents to support my applications. Damn. =.=

Then, I went to Coco on Thursday, to catch a glimpse of Pussy Cat Dolls, PCD. Guess what? She's O M F G. N I C O L E S C H E R Z I N G E R is damn freaking hot. =.= Well, of course, its for publisiti and such, damn, they only appeared for like 10 mins? Lol. But who cares? We've got free entrance, with free-flow of liqour. :P The night wasn't that good after all, but yeah, I've had fun, and a bit of satisfaction.

I was in Zouk tonight. I mean, I've got a not-so-nice-impression of Zouk even before I came here. Surprisingly, the bouncers let me in. Wow, yes, I'm under 21, but they must have been pretty impressed with that piece of junk I showed them, my temporary IC, and license. Gawd, try flashing something the size of half an A4 Paper. =.= Zouk, doesn't live up to my expectation. Seriously. The crowd was filled with middle-eastern souls, and Malay kids. Those middle-eastern people, I don't know how to say it, but they seem not to see chiques before. =/ They get all pretty fired up and such when they see some girls on the dance floor, and that sucked. Seriously.

Jing, I know you've been trying to stay sober tonight, but that ain't gonna work :P I know you, maybe not well enough to presume your next move, but I'm sure you would get pretty tipsy tonight. You don't drink much anyway :P . You were more sober and awake tonight, compared to last Saturday in Poppy. Of course, your smile, and those dances, did really capture my heart. But then, I'm still doubting, and the doubt, haven't been cleared. There are things which I don't really understand, but I guess it wouldn't be appropriate to ask you. Hmmph, I wonder if I should just leave it to myself to have those questions answered, or are you gonna ask me about it? I don't know. All I know is that, I should be ready to answer myself by then. Huh. I wonder if that particular day, is coming soon.

Well, Kelly, you've changed a lot I think, since the first time we've met here in KL. Hmmph, either that or, I didn't get to know you properly the first time. Heh.... I remembered you being taller, despite the fact that you argued about it with me. But you seem to be different now. :P You told me that you don't dance, but you seem to be pretty good tonight. Well, I did have a good time with you ladies tonight, and I do hope to get my date claims soon. I'm pretty sure that you'll be surprised if you happen to find out that I actually do blog, but heh, I'll leave things to flow their way.

Darn, I've gotta move my house tomoro =.= There are lots and lots and lots of things to move, and I hope that things will go smoothly. Hopefully everything'll be allright, and hopefully some people are gonna turn up to help me with this. Well, I'm pretty sleepy of course, so I guess this is good night. =) Sleep tight ladies and all the souls in the world. :P

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kRaZy said...

woot..bcoz ppl duno u blog u write here haha..and u didnt ask me help u move house which i will be glad to help =P