Friday, July 11, 2008

A routine day, Ladies night

Hmmphhh... I woke up today, stoninggg... Stone baby stone. Stoningly and astonishingly, I managed to wake myself up, struggled off my bed because of a promise I've made yesterday. Oh well, promises are promises, and they're not meant to be broken, I think, or at least, I've changed my mind since then. Don't make a promise, and don't give someone your words, if you cannot make it. Damn, this Malaysian 'tidak apa' attitude has really taken quite a toll off me and the youths today. I don't know about people, but I do feel bad, when I give someone my words and I'm unable to meet them.

Eh, emo night. Here I am sitting alone drinking beer, flashing back on what that has just happened. A good game with friends while I suddenly get this call, saying that friends couldn't start another's car. Ah, the second call came, and I learned that the driver was drunk, but I didn't know who she was. Well, I gave someone my word that I would go to her rescue, errr, that's the way she put it, so I went.

We waited and waited and waited, patiently, for her friends to drive her car out, but it doesn't seem to arrive. They came back, complaining about the immobilizer system in Civic. Ah, I didn't know its that complicated either. I knew it was shitty but, lol. So I had to fetch her home. She curled up at the back seat in the car, together with Steph who was struggling to get her to lie down properly. Ah, she wouldn't lol. She kept slipping. And then Steph mentioned that she looked cute and sweet when she's sleeping. I wonder what she looks like. I totally missed out on it, but oh well, no bad intentions though. Heh.

We went yumcha'ing with Amy and the rest of the gang. Damn, chinese educated guys. They are sooo... I don't know how to describe it. Well, better say nothing if you can't say anything nice. They were friendly, but lol. We both can see that Amy's getting abit mad and irritated with them. Ladies, ladies. Ah, and yes, my mandarin improved. Kononnya. LOL. Thanks for the compliment darling. And, if you would read this someday, I miss clubbing with you ladies lol.

Hmmph, so we had to send her home. She practically threw herself at the first thing she can find. Me. I was abit surprised, but oh well... We got her off the car, and I carried her to the elevator. It has been quite some time since I last carried someone. She isn't that heavy, but my leg hurts. I had a cut at the bottom of foot. Err, again, with no bad intention or whatsoever, she's nice to hug. We had to carry her along, till she reached her home. Her room was abit messy but oh well... Haha... And the finally threw herself on her bed. Good night girl. I don't think she'll remember anything tomorrow.

Then I came back, talking to Veen. Ah, as usual lol. She, trying to prove herself as the not-so-good-girl to me. Heh, you're a naughty girl I know. But, its about time for you to settle down if you take your relationship seriously. But well, I enjoy talking to you, alot. All your nonsense and craps, makes you interesting. Too bad, what's over is over. I do kinda like my life now. Single, not-quite-available, or rather I don't really wanna get attached. Errr, I was just saying. If the right one comes, I think I'll go for it too. There have been a few ladies that I am quite fond of, but well, like I said, I don't really wanna go for it. If you would believe me. Heh.

I should go continue my emoness, drowning my sorrows with the classic bottle of carls, I don't really remember when I bought it. LoL. Nite ladies, morning gents.

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